Torien Menu is an Omakase
Torien offers 13 courses consisting of all the different parts of the chicken (including organs) and selected vegetables.

Yakitori is a traditional cuisine from ancient times in Japan. It is known to use all the parts of the chicken and serve it in a skewer. The chicken is cooked with binchotan charcoal which enhances its unique flavor.

Charcoal has a big role in yakitori and its flavor. At Torien we use the charcoal from Kishu, Japan. This binchotan coats the beautiful fragrance of charcoal on the ingredients. It is known to be the most precious charcoal in the world. We are known to be the only restaurant outside of Japan allowed to use it.

For parties of 5 or larger, please contact the restaurant directly via email at


Please note that we have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy of $185 per person. Any modifications or cancellations will be subject to fees.


Please let us know any food allergies 48 hours in advance. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate allergies such as soy and sesame.